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Video Palace is a mail-order movie service that delivers hand-picked films from my personal collection.

Founder/CEO/Vision Leader Pat Francart
and Vice President of Constructive Criticism Sara Zullo

How it works

  1. Receive a DVD or blu-ray (depending on which I have) in a classy envelope
  2. Rip it open with shaking fingers and watch the movie
  3. Gain transformative perspective on film art
  4. Let us know you watched it and it changed your life
  5. Return it to its slipcase and drop it in your mailbox
Each title comes attractively packaged with a collectible essay detailing what makes this movie awesome and instructions for optimal enjoyment.

Sexy packaging

Most deliveries are made on the official Video Palace Chariot (my bike). Some members outside the range of my quads can receive titles by snail-mail, but may incur postage fees.

The Video Palace Chariot - a 1991 Schwinn Sprint

There is no queue and no endless catalogue of titles to choose from. In fact, each film you receive will be a total surprise! Video Palace makes sure your movie night is never wasted deciding what to watch.


Since it is essentially a free service, Video Palace membership is very exclusive and may require referrals.

Besides the Video Palace service, members get access to the members site, where they can give feedback, see their viewing history, and find out about special offers, editions, new additions to the collection, events and more. Members also receive a stylish membership card. Membership is sexy.

Interested? Sign up now.

Pat Francart - 2016